Before going into the details of how to sign up to Betway and the benefit that this action can provide, it may be useful to tackle the question of why join Betway in the first place. There are many ways to answer that question. First, it can be said that it has a great online casino, which not only is praised because of the total amount of forms of entertainment but also how great they work even in computers and mobile devices with low hardware specs.

However, nobody should feel shocked when knowing that most of the people who make a Betway Uganda registration are because of its features as a sportsbook. The company currently covers more than 30 disciplines, and all of them offer an extensive selection of tournaments, matches and leagues where to place wagers. They range from local and semi-professional championships to worldwide cups followed by millions all around the world. This is the main reason why millions login to Betway everyday.

If any of the aspects above managed to persuade you into opening a Betway account, the following section would have a step by step guide explaining in very simple terms how to do that.

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Instructions for making a Betway sign up

This process is extremely easy to follow and can be made in only a few minutes by using the desktop website or the official apps for iOS and Android. Regardless of how the bookmaker is being accessed, the following steps detail how to register an account:

  1. Access Betway through any of its platforms.
  2. Locate and press the button that says “register now”, which should be at the top right corner.
  3. The first part of the registration form will appear. Here newcomers will be asked to provide some information such as name and date of birth. It is essential to ensure that all the data is correctly provided, as it will be compared against proof of identity when verifying the account. More details about that in a bit.
  4. Set up username and password. If this password is forgotten, or if the customer encounters any other type of login problem, it is always possible to contact customer support to get further assistance.
  5. Enter the requested contact information. This includes phone number and postal address.
  6. Configure a few user preferences, such as favorite language and preferred currency. At this stage, new clients may also choose to place voluntary betting and deposit limits.
  7. Place a tick over the checkbox saying “I want to get the Betway sign up bonus”. This step is totally optional but highly recommended.
  8. Activate the account via SMS or email.

After these steps have been completed as described, customers will immediately be able to log in from their mobile devices by using the official software or the mobile website or access the desktop login page from a PC.

Now speaking about the account verification, due to internal regulations of the company and also because of Ugandan legislation, everybody making use of a bookmaker must submit a proof of identity. This is done by uploading directly to the Betway website or by sending via email a clear image of a legal document that can serve this purpose, such as a driver’s license, bank statement, utility bill, ID card, and passport. Until this step is not made, customers will still be allowed to log in to Betway Uganda and make use of all services except fund withdrawals.

As always, there are terms and conditions attached to the Betway registration Uganda process. However, they are pretty obvious and straightforward. First, all customers who wish to have an account and then log in to Betway UG must be 18 years old or older. At the same time, individuals are allowed to have only one account.

If the company discovers that any of these policies have been violated, they will terminate all the accounts and not return any potential winnings. There are more regulations concerning the use of the services after logging in to Betway. All customers must review them through the official apps or the desktop website.

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Details about the Betway Uganda registration bonus

In step number seven of the guide for making a Betway registration, there is a bonus given to all who create a new account is mentioned. Right now the bookmaker is offering a special sign up promotion that provides up to US$100 to spend in the sports betting area.

The benefit works like this; after a new customer follows all the aforementioned steps for performing a Betway register, the client must deposit at least US$10. After this is made, the customer will automatically receive a bonus amount equivalent to 100% of what was added during said first deposit.

For example, if a new customer decides to deposit US$40, the promotion will add a further US$40, which will bring the total cash balance to US$80. This amount can be used in any match and sport in the online betting area. However, there are a few wagering requirements that are attached to this promo. They must be read and understood by everyone who has been benefited by the bonus and signs in to Betway.

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Payment methods available for all who Betway register

Another advantage of being enabled to log in to Betway is that after doing so, it is possible to take advantage of a decent number of banking options that allow both withdrawals and deposits.

The most widely used include wire transfers, credit cards and debit cards. At the same time, people who log in to Betway Uganda can employ a broad range of online payment services and digital wallet providers that are fully integrated with the bookmaker. Examples of such functions include Skrill, EntroPay, PayPal, Neteller and many others.

Deposits made with any of these methods are reflected immediately in the customer’s cash balance, while withdrawals are delayed for periods ranging between 1-5 days. These delays are completely normal, as they are required by Ugandan legislation to have enough time to apply several security controls, whose task is to ensure that all these transactions are clean and transparent. In other words, the purpose of these protocols is to prevent any illegal practice such as money laundering or different types of fraudulent activity.

Since just a few months ago everybody who log in to Betway ug can make use of some cryptocurrencies for both depositing and withdrawing funds. Right now it is possible to employ Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin.

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Summarizing the main advantages of making a Betway registration

Right now, Betway is one of the main sportsbooks and online casinos not only in Uganda but also in every country where they are authorized to operate. People who make a Betway registration can access an extremely large selection of sports events in dozens of different disciplines, each one of them offering their unique betting options.

However, none of this would be essential if the process of registering was difficult. With Betway, this is not the case, as creating an account with this company is an extremely easy and quick process, as described throughout this article. It is because of the countless services and features that are offered, combined with how simple it is to sign up, that currently more people want to register in Betway than in any other bookmaker.Claim free Betway reward

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